• at April 9, 2018

    I’m sure you’ve all heard about the Toys R Us news recently. The business is struggling to stay afloat and the store closures seem imminent.

    Toys “R” Us announced Wednesday it will close approximately 180 stores in the U.S., and while the president for Canadian operations reassured customers that it is business as usual north of the border, not everyone believes that situation is likely to last.

    Hobbled by $5 billion (U.S.) in debt, the company that once was king of toys in North America obtained creditor protection in the U.S. and Canada in September in order to restructure.

    The U.S. store closings will begin in February and the majority of the targeted locations will go dark by mid-April. Some Toys “R” Us and Babies “R” Us stores will be combined.

    Source: Toronto Star

    Is this really the end of the Toys R Us era? Will it affect us here in Canada or is this just happening in the U.S.? It’s such a shame to see a prominent family-friendly staple go away from the market. One of my favourite activities to do with my kids is to visit the Toys R Us stores and browse through the different toys. It wouldn’t be the same just ordering these toys online.

  • at April 10, 2018

    Yeah, the signs don’t look good for them. I heard some buzz about a couple of last-minute attempts to save the company and buy out their stores, but I’m not sure if it will go anywhere. I agree that I’m going to miss having a store near where I live, being able to drop by any time with my daughter, and see her eyes light up at all the new toys. We’re going to be feeling a lot of nostalgia if it does shut down. 🙁

  • at April 10, 2018

    On the bright side, there might be some great deals and discounts when they liquidate the products with so many stores closing. Save your wallets, everyone!

  • at April 11, 2018

    Fun story: I used to work at a Toys ‘R’ Us store when I was young. It was my first job out of college, and possibly my most rewarding job too. There’s just something special about working in a place with so many happy children. It was a safe and comfortable place for parents to take their children, browse through the toys and make new memories.

    If the stores close, there’s no way they can replicate this family experience with whatever alternatives are out there. Buying toys from online might be more convenient, but it feels so clinical and won’t have the same warmth that you’d find at Toys ‘R’ Us. I’m going to miss its absence a lot.