• at August 21, 2018

    Thank you. I think my brand is good, but I could use some help to market my products and to reach out to new customers.

  • at August 18, 2018

    It’s brave of you to talk about your problems. Many people who are dealing with financial problems are too ashamed to open up about their situation and to ask for help. But the truth is there is nothing to be ashamed of! Many people have the same struggles you have, you’re not alone.

    The one thing I can recommend you is financial counselling. An expert could discuss your situation with you and give you detailed tips on how to get out of debt. They could present you options such as debt consolidation or settlement.

  • at March 2, 2018

    Hey man, didn’t mean to cause any offense. We don’t have any issues with the public school system. Our daughter thrived in it. Got good grades, made a lot of friends, no complaints. It’s just that we want what’s best for our only child. If we have the means to support her in private school, we want to do it and give her a better springboard for the future.