• at August 18, 2018

    Most welcome. Enjoy your trip. Namaste!

  • at August 18, 2018

    Hey, you never know! Anyway, if you are willing to take flights, I can suggest something my husband and I did a year ago. We really had a great time. You can arrive in Delhi and do some sightseeing. Then you can fly to Varanasi. After more sightseeing, you can take the train to Agra. Obviously, you know which is the first place in Agra to visit!

    From Agra, you can go to Ranthambore. Be careful! The wildlife sanctuary is famous for its magnificent Bengal tigers. I heard it was the best place in India to see tigers and boy, we were not disappointed!

    From there, you can go to Jaipur. This city is a popular tourist destination. If you have time, you should make your way to Jodhpur which has several tourist attractions. You can enjoy fairs and festivals and visit many temples.

  • at August 18, 2018

    You can spend several days in the cities of Rajasthan, then you can visit neighbouring Uttar Pradesh where you must visit Agra, of course. You go by car but I suggest you take the train. India is not the easiest of places to drive and certainly not for a first time visitor. It can be pretty chaotic and daunting!

  • at May 5, 2018

    My daughter and I are planning to bake a Mother’s Day cake and decorate it together. It’s gonna be a lotta fun!