• at January 30, 2019

    Granite is easy to clean. It’s very strong and durable, but you still have to be careful with a few things.

    Avoid letting hot pots and pans on your granite countertop. The heat should not damage the granite, but temperature changes can end up doing some harm. It’s best to just be careful and always use trivets.

    You should also avoid letting glasses and pots filled with cold liquids on your countertop. Cold liquids produce moisture that can be absorbed by the granite, and you don’t want this. Use coasters if you want to leave a glass of cold water, a glass of wine or a container of juice on your countertop.

  • at October 21, 2018

    Sorry about what you’re going through? What crime did you commit though?

  • at October 20, 2018

    That sounds great!

    Some of the things you have to think about are:

    • Check if your health insurance policy covers travels
    • Exchange currency
    • Contact your bank and credit card company to tell them you’ll be traveling
    • Book hotel rooms and train rides or other means of transportation
    • Make sure your carry-on luggage is the right size
    • Make copies of your important travel documents
    • Ask someone to pick up your mail and care for your pets if you have any
    • Ask your boss for some time off!
    • Get a charger for your phone if you don’t already have one

    That’s all I can think of for now…

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    OK thanks. I think I have some good info from you guys to start off. I also have a recommendation that I plan to check out. Thanks everyone. I appreciate your time and input. Take care.

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    OK, that’s good to know. Thank you for this information. At least I have a place to go to if I can’t find anything else on my own. This could save me a lot of time. I appreciate that.

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    Thanks. Yes, we have planned a budget for this.

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    Yeah, I suppose that does make sense. OK, thank you for that info.

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    Good idea, but would they be willing to divulge such information? Would they be willing to give referrals?

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    My youngest son is going to Camp White Pine! He’s been going for three summers now, and he says it’s a great place where he feels at home and has made many friends. Some of them even keep in touch when camp is over. I think sending your kids there is a great idea, and hopefully they will love it as much as my son does.