• at February 12, 2019

    When I sent my twins into a daycare centre, it was very hard for me at first… For the first week maybe, I felt like the house was so empty, and I was worried about them not liking the centre and not making any friends.

    But it turned out they were both having a great time! So it helped me get over it, you know!

  • at January 30, 2019

    If you want a specific breed, I think it only makes sense to get your dog from a certified dog breeder. The fact that a breeder has been certified means you can trust them to be reputable.

    Certified dog breeders are responsible, and they take pride in their dogs. They will research anything there is to know about the breed they are breeding, and about the lineage of their adult dogs, so they can produce the best puppies possible. I think buying a puppy from a breeder is less risky than getting a mixed-breed dog, because your dog will probably be more healthy, and have a better temperament.

    By the way, I don’t know if you already have a breeder in mind, but if you don’t, you should check out Kybra Kennels. They specialize in Siberian huskies, and in Portuguese water dogs.

  • at September 25, 2018

    Probiotics are safe to take, of course! The question is whether they would really help you and make a positive difference in your situation.

    You should also keep in mind that not all probiotics are created equal. A lot of stuff that’s on the market does abolutely nothing, so buying it is just wasting money. If you want to try probiotics, you need to purchase quality ones.

    Maybe your bloating and other digestive problems are caused by bad bacteria in your intestines, and if it’s the case quality probiotics will provide you with good bacteria that could solve your problem.

  • at September 22, 2018

    Some people like to do their own cooking. If you or your wife love to cook, then you will enjoy the freedom of staying in a rental place. You’ll have all kinds of amenities at your disposal. Some of these places are quite luxuriously furnished too.

  • at September 5, 2018

    I think it will help if you let your son see the mascot costume before someone wears it. This will help him understand that it’s only a costume that a normal person will wear.

    Or when your son is near your mascot, you could ask the person wearing the costume to remove their mask so your son can see them and understand that someone is playing the role of the mascot, maybe even someone he knows.

  • at August 29, 2018

    If you find a locksmith who seems experienced and reliable, you could ask them for a quote to see how much they charge for the kind of services you might need. Locksmiths can come to our rescue whenever we lock ourselves out of our home or car, but they can also cut keys, change locks, fix locks, rekey locks…

  • at August 26, 2018

    In my opinion, everything tastes better when it’s baked in a pizza oven. It’s simply marvelous!

  • at August 21, 2018

    Oh, nevermind that, my boyfriend said he had a solution to that… Not sure what he meant, but I’ll just have to trust him!

    Well thanks everyone for your replies, I think we’ll follow our original idea and rent a car, hopefully all goes well!

  • at August 21, 2018

    That sounds great, good service and affordable prices are what I’m always looking for!

    I’ve just thought of something though… Will our driver’s licences be valid outside of Canada? Does anyone know that?