• at August 18, 2018

    My partner and I are in the process of starting a new restaurant. One of the main things we have been looking at is kitchen equipment. We are going to purchase everything. Is there anyone you would recommend that we speak with?

    Also, what experience can you share when you opened your place? Were you happy with the equipment and the company you got it from?

    We have been speaking with a few places but it is always nice to hear it from someone experienced. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts. Cheers.

  • at August 18, 2018

    Hey there. I was in your position not too long ago. In fact, I too asked for advice. I’m glad I did. Someone recommended Nella Cutlery and I eventually used them. I have not had a problem and they were really helpful. They are a pretty large equipment dealer.

    I will pay it forward and suggest you try them too, or at least give them a call. They will come by periodically to look at and service the equipment. They always come regularly to collect knives and replace them with sharp ones. Knives are a big thing, so it’s great that our knives are always top quality. The last thing you want is an angry chef with a dull knife in his hand!

  • at August 18, 2018

    Yes, you don’t want to upset the chef. They have access to too many sharp things! But seriously, thank you for the tip. Actually, Nella is one of the companies we are considering. We’ve already spoken to them and we liked what we heard. Any other advice? What questions should we ask?

  • at August 18, 2018

    Well, for one thing, you want to know how quickly they can send over a technician in the event that something does go wrong. When you are running a restaurant business, you certainly cannot be told that they will send someone in 5 days!

    Also, find out if they provide a 24/7 service. Well, it is probably more important that they are available at least 7 days a week even if it is not 24 hours per day.

    Ask about their planned maintenance program. If this can be done after hours, it can be helpful. If they do, then is it a good price, or is it for a larger fee?

    Find out if they keep stock of important parts and if they don’t, will it take long to get them in. You cannot afford to be without a critical piece of equipment that is vital for your business.

    Ask about the number of technicians they have and if they are fully trained. Do they have ongoing training, especially from top manufacturers? Ask about any certifications that are required and if they possess these.

    I take it that this is your first business. If I am wrong and you have others, you might want to ask them if they will be willing to give some discount for multiple locations. By the way, if you do get any equipment, let the experts handle the installation. Don’t try it yourself. I’m telling you this because I made this rather expensive mistake!

  • at August 18, 2018

    Oh dear, so sorry to hear that. Thank you for the warning. Also, thank you for a rather thorough list of pertinent questions to ask. This is really helpful. Thanks to everyone else who contributed. Much appreciated.