• at May 19, 2018

    Hi everyone, hope you’re all doing okay! 🙂

    My daughter has been bugging me to join a dance class. She really wants to do ballet because of her friends, but I feel like she’d have more fun with a contemporary dance class instead. She isn’t really against the idea, but I think her mind is set on ballet. Personally, I just feel like ballet requires a lot of finesse and discipline, which is great, but not really my daughter’s forte. My daughter might enjoy a dance class that’s more relaxed IMO.

    I’d appreciate any suggestions or advice from y’all. Cheers!

  • at May 19, 2018

    I think if your daughter feels passionate about ballet, you should support her 100%! After all, it’s what she wants. She may have a passion for it and I think passion is an important factor here.

    If she joins another type of dance class, there’s always the possibility that she may resent it. She may not put in 100% and she may not have the drive to practice the more advanced moves. If she’s passionate about ballet, then she’ll be more driven and determined to learn during classes. This is a good thing!

  • at May 20, 2018

    I don’t really think there is more to ‘gain’ whichever class she joins. They all have their good points. They all have degrees of difficulty.

    I tend to agree with the previous comment that Marissa made about passion. I think that’s important. Think about it for a second… Let’s say you have always wanted to travel the world and you had a couple of job opportunities. One is to become an air hostess and the other is to work in a government office. While the government job may be more stable, can you see yourself doing it? Wouldn’t you want to travel the world? What if your parents made you take the government job instead?

    Okay, that might have veered a little off-topic. *grins* But the logic is still applicable. I don’t think it matters what type of dance your daughter wants to learn, so you should just go with what she wants.

  • at May 20, 2018

    For what it’s worth, my daughter LOVES going to her ballet classes at Canadian Contemporary Dance Theatre. She has come a long way since she first joined which, off the top of my head, I’d say is a little over a year now.

    I know the ballet class she is taking is taught by some pretty accomplished teachers. (I’m not sure about the other dance classes though.) You may want to check them out first. They sometimes have guest instructors and my daughter gets excited by this and is on her best behaviour! If only I could get her to behave like that at home!

    I get the feeling you want your daughter to do something else, but at the end of the day it’s more important that your child is happy. If your daughter does decide to take ballet classes, she might surprise you with how good she is! I used to think my daughter had two left feet. You should see her now!

  • at May 21, 2018

    Thanks for all your advice! I appreciate it a lot. 🙂

    It looks like I am the only one who wants her to join a different dance class… With that said, you all seem to have more experience and it does appear that your daughters are pretty happy, which I suppose is the important part…

  • at May 21, 2018

    I know you may be a little apprehensive, but my daughter is quite happy and she improved SO much. I remember her first practicing and I wasn’t very impressed! (My god, I hope my daughter isn’t reading this!) But honestly, I could see a change in her attitude and her determination and she improved tremendously over time. It helps if you have great teachers I suppose.