• at August 25, 2018

    My 2 kids are always looking forward to their last day of school so they can be free for the summer… However, they enjoy that freedom for about a week or 2, and then they start getting bored.

    My wife and I can’t afford to go on a family vacation this year, we don’t have the time or the money. We are still trying to have some good times with the kids and to take them to a few local activities… but they often prefer staying in front of the computer or the TV screen.

    We are sick of seeing them stare at their screens, not going outside, not doing anything. We have been thinking about sending them to Camp White Pine, but we want to make sure they’ll enjoy it… We don’t want to pay for it, and to learn that they have spent all their time over there still staring at screens.

    Do you have any experience with summer camps? What are the main benefits of summer camps for kids?

  • at August 25, 2018

    I’ve been to camp when I was young, and my daughter is now going to the very same camp, and she loves it!

    Don’t worry about them staring at screens! Summer camps are the perfect way for kids to unplug, play outdoors, move, get active, and try out new activities. If your kids are bored, they won’t have to be bored anymore if you send them to summer camp!

  • at August 25, 2018

    My youngest son is going to Camp White Pine! He’s been going for three summers now, and he says it’s a great place where he feels at home and has made many friends. Some of them even keep in touch when camp is over. I think sending your kids there is a great idea, and hopefully they will love it as much as my son does.

  • at August 25, 2018

    Going to summer camp has many benefits for children. It gives them many opportunities to be active, to try new activities and gain new skills, and to stay away from the technology that has become such a big part of their daily lives.

    Summer camp also helps kids develop their independence, since they don’t have their parents or their teachers around to tell them what they should do, and to decide what’s best for them. It’s a good occasion for them to develop and grow in a safe and fun environment.

    Above all, going to summer camp takes children closer to nature, and it makes it easy for them to make new friends. So yes, I think it’s a good idea to send your children to summer camp, it will bring fun adventures to their summer and they won’t miss their computer.

  • at August 25, 2018

    That all sounds great! Thank you for your answers.

    I’ve never been to camp as a kid. My wife went one summer, but she had a bad experience over there because some older kids were being bullies… Considering that, it’s difficult for us to convince our kids that going to camp is a positive experience, you know…

    I think I will share what you’ve written with them, it should inspire them. Of course I don’t want to force them if they decide they don’t want to go, but I do think it would be good for them.

  • at August 25, 2018

    Summer camp is great! I have a lot of great memories of all the time I spent at camp, away from home. I’ve been hiking, swimming, kayaking, and going on so many fun adventures! I wanted it to never end… I’ve even been a camp counsellor for a year and it was great.