• at January 7, 2019

    I think there are several types of sedation. I believe they all have to do with how the patient is. If a patient is nervous, they may get one kind. If not, then they may get a different kind.

    If someone is fearful of an injection in the mouth, they may first be sedated. Then, they will be better able to handle the injection. The sedation puts them in a calmer state and they are not as frightened. In fact, sometimes, you are awake for the whole procedure, but you have no memory of it.

  • at September 25, 2018

    No I haven’t, but my sister has and it stopped her belly cramps. She showed me their website and I’ve tried a few of their recipes already, they were delicious!

  • at August 31, 2018

    You’re welcome! I’m glad I could help you out a bit, and I think that project idea of yours is very interesting. Good luck!

  • at August 31, 2018

    I need to ask, are you just curious about marketing, or would you be interested in a career in marketing? Because a close friend of mine has taken up a marketing course at Schulich and if you want to become a marketing expert, they have different programs that could be a right fit for you.

    They even have programs that only last for 1 to 3 days, so I think it’s worth taking a look at what they have to offer.

  • at August 8, 2018

    Ok, I contacted Weed Man and told them about my problem, then asked them for a quote. They’re supposed to come take care of those grubs in two days!

    Thank you for helping me figure out what was going on… I never would have thought of looking underneath those brown patches. Well, they’ll probably stay there for awhile, but at least if the grubs die they won’t grow bigger and the whole lawn won’t turn brown!

  • at August 8, 2018

    Ok, that doesn’t sound too good. I guess I’ll try pesticides, even though I’m concerned that they could damage my lawn even more.

  • at August 8, 2018

    Oh yuck! I followed your advice and I removed a small section of brown dead grass… Here they are alright, those ugly grubs!

    What do I do now?? Can I use some pesticides to get rid of them?

  • at August 8, 2018

    White grubs? Sounds gross!

    So how do I make sure it’s really a grub infestation? And if it’s really grubs, what are they doing to my grass exactly? If I just walk around my lawn is there a chance I will see them?

  • at August 5, 2018

    We got them from Panes Window Manufacturing, and we got Flexscreens for each of them, it’s simply amazing!

    And yes, I think the lemon essential oil helps getting rid of grime on window glass… or at least, it smells fabulous as I’m using it!