• at September 1, 2018

    But how do I know if the baby birds have left the nest?

  • at September 1, 2018

    Ok, that’s good to know. I’ll try to see if I can find more information about this. I don’t want to harm the baby birds, but I also want to get this crack in my roof fixed as soon as possible!

    I called my husband, and he told me to call Cherry & Clark Roofing and to ask them for a quote, he says one of his coworkers knows someone who works there. I’ll ask them if they can come and take a look at that crack and see if there are more damages inside the roof… But maybe it’s best to wait until the birds have left the nest? I don’t want them to be disturbed…

  • at September 1, 2018

    No, the nest is not on the top of the roof, it’s really inside it.

    I guess you’re right, the nest is probably inside my attic. The problem is that my husband is away for some time, and I don’t feel safe going there by myself. It’s dark and hot, and it seems so easy to step somewhere you shouldn’t step, and fall through!

    I was more concerned about the fact that birds and bird nests don’t belong inside roofs, but you’re right, there’s something wrong here! I’ll probably need to call a roofing company, but again, I would feel more comfortable if my husband was here to call them. I’ll try to get in touch with him as soon as I can, he’s on a business trip.

  • at August 2, 2018

    Wow, that is a lot, but I think you may have misunderstood. I don’t think a cremation will cost that much. I think it can certainly go a little over $3,000. Maybe what you heard was a full-service funeral? That can be around the figure you mentioned.

  • at April 30, 2018

    How is it sensible to wear shorts in an office environment when everyone else is dressed up in business attire!? Ryan, if you think that’s acceptable, I shudder to think what you actually wear in your office.

  • at April 8, 2018

    C’mon, guys. Grow up. Clowns get such a bad rep when there isn’t anything scary about them. They’re supposed to be jovial entertainers who bring laughter and joy to children’s parties. Your daughter is missing out. I hired a clown for my son and his friends, and they all absolutely had a blast at the party.

    Maybe you should try talking to your daughter again. Make her understand your point of view. Watch some candid YouTube videos together and show her there’s nothing to be afraid of.